Oh, You Beautiful Doll! Interview from DarkSideMagazine.

By Smitty

Not long ago, I met a very charming woman who told me that she had been kinky as long as she could remember. She told me that when she was little, she collected bread ties just so she could put her Barbie Dolls in bondage. I had to laugh.

But come on, boys and girls!  Let’s all admit it. We’ve played with dolls in a sexual way. We’ve undressed them to see whether they were anatomically correct. Maybe we even groped them looking for some cheap sexual thrill.

The name for this particular kink is agalmatophilia, sexual attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin, or other similar figurative object. Agalmatophilia may or may not include a desire for actual sexual contact, but the attraction is still most definitely there. Sounds strange, doesn’t it?

But don’t point a finger and laugh. Just think again. Sexual objectification is in itself very common. After all, how many of us objectify those we desire? This author just so happens to believe that it is only natural, that we see great beauty in those we want, that we see them as larger than life.  It’s a little like magic. Sometimes even we feel caught in the spell.

That very same “spell” goes by another term, namely fetish. Almost every ancient tribal culture venerated and feared inanimate objects, and even worshiped them, believing they possessed magical powers because they were inhabited by a spirit. Much later in history, in more civilized but highly repressed Victorian times, men developed sexual fetishes for the few parts of a woman which they were permitted to see, namely feet, shoes, and boots. The power of fetish didn’t just stop there. Krafft-Ebing recorded in 1877 the case of a gardener falling in love with a statue of the Venus de Milo.

Dogon Female Figure

Today we find that many dominants take great pleasure in dollification, an extreme form of objectification, treating submissives as pets, toys, puppets, or dolls. Whatever the case may be, one need not be dominant or even submissive. Dolls are a kink in their own right. The attraction can be sexual or emotional, depending on the person involved. You might want to watch the 1987 film Mannequin. Perhaps you feel the very same pull. If so, take heart, you need not call your local psychiatrist, and confess. Just enjoy it. Go with the flow. That’s what Darkside Magazine is all about.

These days one need not settle for mannequins, statues, or even Barbie dolls. Even those odd inflatable sex dolls have become obsolete. Modern technology and marketing offers up a convincing life size replica of a human being to keep one company during those long and lonely winter nights. This writer had a most interesting conversation with a certain Mr. Zhang, the owner of The Fancy Doll at https://thefancydoll.com where one will find a rich assortment of beautiful young females lovingly displayed and up for sale. 

Darkside: A lot of women here use the term doll to describe themselves. A lot of men, especially dominant men, train women to be dolls. This is a potential hook to capture the imagination of our readers. Can you speak to this?

The Fancy Doll: In addition to the desire to conquer and be conquered hidden in our human genes, there are many buyers who are fetishistic and will treat sex dolls as if they were their own daughters and buy a lot of clothes, and even create a space full of childhood girl fantasies in their own homes. The root of this fetish may be one of our human nature, as if primitive man began to learn to use tools after the tools with him every day personified, another factor I think is that people cannot get away from the objectification of the way of thinking, will always give symbolic meaning to matters, we use language to communicate a variety of words also come from this way.

For the traditional conquest story, I think the exploration of fetish will be more topical, of course you can use a lot of space to express the same psychology behind sex dolls and BDSM, in addition there are also some men who look effeminate in private will also release their sexual instincts, the feeling of releasing themselves in repression may be more exciting for them than a normal orgasm

Darkside: Darkside often focusses on dominance and submission. That little school girl fetish is well worth the mention. Perhaps We could discuss other possibilities too.

I've also met clients who have opened social accounts specifically for their sex dolls, usually with the avatar being the doll itself, and they use these accounts to contact me to buy new sex dolls, as well as using statements like " Daddy wants to find me new friends" to bring in the first person of the doll.

Darkside: May I ask if the dolls are anatomically correct?

The Fancy Doll: The sex dolls' mouths and pussies are more than ten centimeters deep to provide customers with the experience they deserve, and in addition, they have metal skeletons that mimic the structure of human joints, which not only relatively simulates the real weight, but also allows players to adjust their positions at will, and these positions are also humanly possible!

The Fancy Doll: Another customer from Japan requested a custom doll in the image of his deceased wife, and strongly requested that the hair be made of real hair. Many older clients have made requests for their deceased loved ones, and the sexual needs of the elderly are often ignored by society at large, but it is completely real behind the social morality.

Many photographers and artists have come up with similar creative ideas, wanting to photograph real people hiding in many dolls. I think repetition and weirdness is the dialectic behind the mechanism of sexualization, which coincides with the Lacanian philosophy I admire.

There was some very geeky demand from someone who wanted to train his sexual skills by having the doll make a timely evaluation of his sexual skills. For example, he wanted the doll to respond to his own touch and penetrative sex with varying degrees of intensity and grunting. In short, you can always find different needs in different social backgrounds and age groups, as if people of different generations will always have their different favorite actress who wants to have sex with her.

Darkside: This is all new to me, but it seems as though those who want dolls have a wide variety of interests and needs. Could you tell our readers what was the strangest letter you have received?

The Fancy Doll: It may sound sad that a Vietnam war veteran wanted to customize a doll with a disability similar to his, because he himself could not have penetrative sex because of his injuries, so I think he wanted to find psychological comfort from this doll, there are still many people who buy dolls not to meet the sexual needs.

For me, this industry is not only a sex industry that satisfies fantasies, but also a social concern in a way, so I always have a sense of social responsibility for our work

Darkside: So you customize dolls too.

The Fancy Doll: Yes, custom-made dolls have always been our most passionate service to devote ourselves to

Darkside: I have noticed that you offer a variety of body types.

The Fancy Doll: Yes, there are even pregnant belly dolls; some customers with specific fetishes will like this style, currently our website is not yet on the shelves, and will be based on our market research on the shelves

We have not yet encountered any customer requests for age expressions, but our technicians will try to make an effort if they do. Normally I don't think even older men would reject a youthful body. We provide young girls. There have been buyers who hinted that they need that child-like form of sex dolls, but I sternly refused. I think that is very evil, business must be the bottom line.


Darkside: Do you get requests to build celebrities?

The Fancy Doll: Hmmm I don't really want any real celebrity names mentioned in the article hope you can understand but there are some young Chinese and Japanese actresses and even male idol members.


Darkside: About what percentage request male dolls?

The Fancy Doll: For us the proportion is relatively small, but as far as I know the proportion of the industry as a whole is not low, the female market is actually very large, but more mysterious

Darkside: But you do honor as many personal requests as you can?

 I want to express my social concern for my clients, as I said earlier this is not only business but also a sense of social responsibility.

Darkside: Most interesting. Thank you. It’s been very informative.

The Fancy Doll: Thank you very much for this interview

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