How to Get an Approval from Parents for a Sex Doll?

Are you constantly receiving nagging questions from your parents on why you haven’t settled down with a soul mate? Likely, your parents disapprove of your sex life and are pressuring you to change. Since you understand yourself and like the life you are currently living, it’s time to take a stand. For once and all, introduce them to your favorite silicone love doll and enjoy the thrill.

Warning: If your parents have heart problems do not think about doing this!

Here we are going to enlighten you with the complete process of receiving parents’ approval. Your parents will never spy on your romantic life giving you the freedom to do whatever you like. Life is a short journey and there is no need to live someone else life. You only live once!


  • A realistic sex doll
  • A smartphone
  • Dinner sitting
  • A charming face

Step 1: Purchase your favorite Bride or Gentleman

First, you need to get your sex doll. Here you get two options: You can buy an average sex doll or an exquisite love doll at thefancydoll.com. At first, you may get this to be a common ad on your browser. It’s not and there is more in this. The real love dolls in this site are realistic and human-sized. We always ensure that every realistic love doll is uniquely made with the best TPE silicone material. The height of these adorable dolls should 158cm and more.

Your personal preferences determine the skin color and other features when designing this lovely doll. If you are looking at getting it hard on your parents, go rogue. If maybe your parents don’t prefer to see you with girls of a certain color, no offends here. Go for these kinds of features when making an order for your silicone partner.

Find nice lingerie clothing for your love doll after accessing her. You can go for booty shorts and high heels to make her sexier. Additionally, you can design her casually if you are looking to introduce her to your parents. A weird surprising dinner is awaiting your folks and you need to make her as lively as possible. All you need is to prove to your parents that the sex doll is real.

This is an unpredictable event and odds can go either way. Imagine your parents coming into the realization that their boy is in love with a sex doll. Let’s not go a further as we have some steps to take a look into.

Step 2: Take a Few Shots of Your Sex Doll Partner

It would be absurd to merely surprise your parents with a dinner in the company of your silicone sex doll. To have a smooth transition period, you need to start giving your parents hints about what they should expect. First, you can introduce your parents to your new romantic desires. Keep them guessing to make them excited and appreciative of your sexuality. Make stories about your new partner that have specific features about the lady they hope you end up with. This should make them excited about meeting your newly fond partner.

Stories about your parents will soon become common and you need to devise a new plan. Your parents will want to have a view of partner. Everyone these days has an online social page. It will be hard for you to take perfect photo shots that won’t cause any suspicion from your folks. You can take dull photos that do not reveal your silicone sex doll completely or use a photo editing software.

If you are not a pro of this, you can dress her completely from face to leg. Spice up this by taking a photo while kissing your sex doll with your visibility evident in the photo. Get creative here and you will achieve a great cover-up.

Step 3: Dinner Preparation

Dinner is the right platform when looking to introduce this love doll to your parents. Here do not attempt to please your folks with the menu. Remember you are introducing them to something they have not anticipated. If they are vegetarian, tell them that your new girlfriend eats meat.

They won’t reject the dinner and as they are eager to meet her. This makes the whole affair to be much real. A new and unfamiliar girlfriend will intrigue your parents before they have even met her.

Prepare a good sitting that will allow all the four of you to fit well. Remember your parents are curious about meeting your soul mate. You will be the busier as you need to move and also feed your love. Sounds weird? This is going to be one of the memorable dinners for your parents and they will never forget it.

Step 4: Master Your Poker Face

Almost all the hard stuff is over and it’s the high for you to reap benefits. Get yourself and love doll ready to meet your folks. Play some nice cool music and spray a nice expensive spray to ensure the mood is friendly. You can make your parents more concerned about the dinner by telling them how nervous your girlfriend is.

Tell them to be soft on her to ensure there is a good afternoon dinner. At this stage keep your love doll away. Allow your folks to relax before you can introduce Sex Doll Busty Amy 2.0.

Its time you are parents are arriving and you will need to gather all courage you have. This is a rare moment and it’s wise to ensure that you treasure this moment. Set your phone camera ready so that you can capture your parents’ expressions. This is the most memorable night of your life and you need to be relaxed.

Soon you hear the sound of your fathers’ car and the actual realization of dinner becomes a reality. Greet and invite your folks for the dinner while reminding them not to judge your girlfriend by her sexual orientation.

As soon as they have arrived and the dinner table is in their sight, lock the door. Offer them some refreshments and by now they are curious about the whereabouts of your girlfriend. You have been endless telling your folks about her and they surely are open to having their suspicions.

The next step is to introduce your sex doll and the way you do this is up to you. You can decide to place her in the kitchen adjacent to the living room. This choice is yours to decide. The best thing is to ensure that your camera set to record this moment. Slow and tense motion will be building as your parents get to meet this amazing sex doll. Enjoy the thrill as it lasts.


Just like there are different life scenarios and parents, this calls for the end of our guide. A memorable and funny experience between your folks and sex doll is possible if your parents are considerate. However, if they prove the opposite, ensure you put a show worth to be treasured.

Tell them how inconsiderate they are and it’s for this reason you have never had a happy relationship. Whatever the results, one thing is certain, your parents will never nag you when it comes to love matters. Whoever you will be dating from now, will be a constant approval from your parents.

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